Knosey is a brilliant app concept that finds restaurants based on aroma. Since the function of the app already existed, I focused on the user, worked backwards, and anticipated a use case; the user is hungry, and uses Knosey to find some food.
My process

I put myself in the position of the target user, and used my intuition to design a satisfying and understandable experience. Smells trigger our visceral processing; if something smells bad we might get sick, if something smells good we might want to eat it, so I wanted to bring the user as close to the experience of smelling something delicious as possible, while still using a phone. I don’t mean showing a giant nostril, or a lot of pictures of food, I mean giving the user a clear mental schema for the process of detecting and organizing aromas. The more organized and direct the experience is, the better chance the user has of making a more satisfying and affective decision.
Screen 1: ‘Get Started’

The post log in screen is my first key screen. After you login or sign up, you land at the ‘Get Started’ page. the user gets an introduction to the Knosey app, and an insight into it’s value. The user cannot get back to this page because it is an introduction; if the app were a person, you would most likely only be introduced to them once, from then on you are friends or acquaintances, and that is where the metaphor stops.
Screen 2: ‘Search’

The ‘Aroma Detector’ is the users digital nose. Aromas that it smells show up in a list, with location, and restaurant name along with it. The aromas are also color coded based on a broader smell to color scheme. To find smells you press ‘Find New Smells’ button. To give the user confirmation that something is happening, the blue waves will roll. Aromas found, and their corresponding restaurants are added to a list. The user can select another smell finding, or try to find more smells.
Screen 3: ‘Eat’

When a restaurant is selected, the user is transitioned to the restaurant screen, where the user is prompted to make a decision about whether or not they will ‘Eat Here’ or not. An image of the restaurant is given to show environment and atmosphere. The title, location and smell profile are placed in the lower third of the screen, closest to the users finger when held.
The Logo

My logo ideation process begins with sketches and ends with a final vector. I took the imagery of a face and nose, and started there. The final version is a minimal nose and nostril form.

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