Call2Test builds software to manage scheduling and appointments. For their redesign they wanted fresh layouts and compositions to display their content clearly and effectively. The new site was built in WordPress in 2015.
View the live site:
- Develop concept sketches into medium fidelity wireframes using Photoshop and Illustrator.
- Improve usability by testing mockups with internal team members, and by sending clickable prototypes to the client using InVision.
- Perform production design work to add new branding to company swag (Car USBs, Pens, Kiosk Banner, Cards, Flashlights).
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Pencil and Paper
- InVisionApp
- Adobe Preview (For viewing PS Artboards across devices)
Home Page Wireframe
The home page needed to communicate how Call2Test revolutionized scheduling software. The best way to appreciate the value of the product is to actually use it, so the free trial button was a focal point of the page, along with testimonials from other users who loved their experience.
Quick Facts Page Wireframe
The “Quick Facts” page acts as easily navigable resource page for commonly asked questions. The challenge here was to break away from common FAQ page designs, like long lists, or accordion menus. Instead I chose a card component layout to drive the user interface. This was modified by our lead designer in the final designs.
Features and Benefits Wireframe
The “Features and Benefits” page displays key information about the Call2Test software and its capabilities. Using an illustration of the desktop application inside each content block of the page gave the user the visual callouts along with the ordered list items.
Branding for Conference Kiosk and Swag
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